Bianco Carrara Marbles by Marble Tile Depot

May 09, 2016

Bianco Carrara Marbles by Marble Tile Depot

Carrara marble is one of the product you find in Marble Tile Depot online store.

This fine product has been used since the time of Ancient Rome. 

Carrara is the city in Massa-Carrara province of Tuscany region of Italy. It is famous for some of the world's finest marble called Carrara. The city has marble quarries and they have been exploited since more than 2000 years. Carrara marble used by all the most famous sculptors in the world. The roman period it was the most requested stone to build public buildings.

In the city of Carrara several type of marble is mined. Many people associates Carrara with gray and white stones. 

The most type of Carrara marbles is Bianco. The word "Bianco" means "white", but Bianco Carrara is a light gray in color. The stone has heavier gray veins and these veins could be darker or lighter and cover whole stone or could be in a few areas.

The other type of Carrara marble is whiter Carrara marble; Statuario Carrara and Venetino Carrara. These stones have both pure white background and gray veins.

Currently Marble Tile Depot carries variety of Bianco Carrara products; such as certain size of field tiles, hexagon tiles, baseboards, chairrails, basketweaves, corner shelves etc.